How much can I make with Network+ and Security+?

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Are you considering getting certified in Network+ and Security+? As a job seeker or a professional in the field of information technology and cybersecurity, it’s important to understand the earning potential that comes with these certifications. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the benefits of earning Network+ and Security+ certifications, the job market for network and security professionals, and how you can boost your earnings potential.

The Benefits of Earning Network+ and Security+ Certifications

Before we dive into the earning potential of Network+ and Security+ certifications, let’s first talk about the benefits of obtaining these certifications. Network+ and Security+ are two of the most coveted certifications in the field of IT and cybersecurity. These certifications demonstrate advanced knowledge of network infrastructure and security concepts, including design, configuration, troubleshooting, and management.

Earning these certifications can help you stand out in a competitive job market, as well as qualify you for higher-paying positions. Employers consider these certifications as a benchmark of proficiency and place higher value on job candidates who possess them. Besides, with the rate of cyber attacks increasing, there’s a heightened demand for cybersecurity professionals, and Network+ and Security+ certifications are highly requested.

Another benefit of earning Network+ and Security+ certifications is that they provide a solid foundation for further career advancement. These certifications cover a broad range of topics, including network architecture, protocols, and security measures. This knowledge can be applied to various IT and cybersecurity roles, such as network administrator, security analyst, and information security manager.

Moreover, obtaining these certifications can also enhance your credibility and reputation within the industry. It shows that you are committed to continuous learning and professional development, which is highly valued in the IT and cybersecurity fields. Additionally, being certified can give you access to exclusive networking opportunities, such as conferences and events, where you can connect with other certified professionals and potential employers.

Understanding the Job Market for Network+ and Security+ Professionals

The job market for network and security professionals has risen in recent years, especially with the pandemic ushering in waves of remote work and increased data breaches. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there’s a projected growth rate of 31% from 2019 to 2029 for information security analysts.

Industries that especially require network + and security+ certified experts include government agencies, financial institutions, healthcare, and E-commerce. Employers are increasingly recognizing the need to have comprehensive IT and cybersecurity systems, and your certifications are proof that you have the necessary skills to help protect sensitive company or organizational data.

Moreover, network+ and security+ professionals are also in high demand in the education sector. With the rise of online learning and the need for secure data management, educational institutions are seeking experts who can ensure the safety and privacy of student and faculty information. Additionally, as schools and universities continue to adopt new technologies, such as cloud computing and mobile devices, the demand for network and security professionals is expected to grow even further.

The Average Salary of Network+ and Security+ Certified Professionals

The earning potential of network and security professionals can vary based on your job experience, industry, location, and more. However, on average, a Network+ certified professional can earn a salary of $72,000 annually while a Security+ certified expert can earn $85,000 yearly. Entry-level network and security positions start at around $50,000 per year, whereas mid-level positions can earn up to $120,000 yearly.

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It is important to note that obtaining additional certifications and skills can significantly increase your earning potential in the network and security field. For example, professionals with a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification can earn an average salary of $116,000 per year. Additionally, having expertise in cloud security, data analytics, and artificial intelligence can also lead to higher salaries and more job opportunities.

Factors that can Affect Your Earnings as a Network+ and Security+ Certified Professional

Several factors can determine how much you can earn as a network and security certified professional. These factors include:

  • Years of experience
  • Industry
  • Location
  • Level of education
  • Years of certification

If you have years of experience, you’re likely to earn more compared to someone just starting in the field. Industries that require more specialized skills pay more, while geographic location also matters since the cost of living varies significantly. Additionally, an advanced degree such as a Master’s degree can increase your earning potential. Lastly, if you’ve had your certification for more years, your salary can increase.

Another factor that can affect your earnings as a network and security certified professional is the specific job role you hold. For example, a network engineer may earn more than a network administrator, while a security analyst may earn more than a security technician. It’s important to consider the responsibilities and level of expertise required for each job role when evaluating potential earnings.

How to Negotiate Your Salary as a Network+ and Security+ Certified Professional

Negotiating your salary is a crucial aspect of earning more as a network and security professional. Before you go into the negotiation meeting, research the average salary range of someone with your level of experience, certification, and industry. Demonstrate your proficiency in the job interview or other opportunities to network with new recruiters you may have, such as job fairs or conferences. Practice your negotiation skills by rehearsing with a supportive acquaintance.

Another important factor to consider when negotiating your salary as a Network+ and Security+ certified professional is to highlight your accomplishments and contributions to the company. This can include successful projects you have completed, improvements you have made to the network and security systems, and any other notable achievements. By showcasing your value to the company, you can make a stronger case for a higher salary.

Career Paths for Network+ and Security+ Certified Professionals

Network+ and Security+ certification pave the way for several career opportunities, including:

  • Network Administrator
  • Network Analyst
  • Cybersecurity Specialist
  • Security Analyst
  • IT Security Consultant

These careers come with varying levels of remuneration. Additionally, your Network+ and Security+ certifications can lead to higher-level certifications such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) or Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), which further boost your earning potential.

As a Network+ and Security+ certified professional, you can also explore career paths in the field of cloud computing. With the increasing adoption of cloud technology, there is a growing demand for professionals who can manage and secure cloud-based networks. You can pursue roles such as Cloud Security Engineer, Cloud Network Architect, or Cloud Security Consultant.

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Furthermore, Network+ and Security+ certifications can also open doors to opportunities in the government and military sectors. These organizations require professionals with a strong understanding of network security and information assurance. You can explore roles such as Information Security Officer, Cyber Defense Analyst, or Security Engineer in these sectors.

Top Companies Hiring Network+ and Security+ Certified Professionals

Several top companies offer employment opportunities to Network+ and Security+ certified experts. These companies include Apple, Amazon, Cisco, Deloitte, and many others. Do your research to determine which companies provide the best career advancement opportunities, company culture, and salaries.

One of the benefits of being Network+ and Security+ certified is that you can work in a variety of industries. For example, you can work in healthcare, finance, government, education, and more. This means that you have a wide range of job opportunities available to you, and you can choose a career path that aligns with your interests and goals.

Another advantage of being Network+ and Security+ certified is that you can earn a higher salary than non-certified professionals. According to PayScale, the average salary for a Network+ certified professional is $74,000 per year, while the average salary for a Security+ certified professional is $85,000 per year. This means that investing in these certifications can pay off in the long run, both in terms of job opportunities and financial rewards.

Tips on Landing High-Paying Jobs with Network+ and Security+ Certifications

If you’re looking to land a high-paying job with your Network+ and Security+ certifications, consider:

  • Actively update your resume and online profiles to reflect your certifications.
  • Apply to job openings in your field of expertise.
  • Sharpen your industry knowledge by pursuing additional courses and training.
  • Build your professional network by attending industry events or participating in online discussion groups.

Another important tip to consider is to gain practical experience in the field. Look for internships or entry-level positions that allow you to apply your knowledge and skills in a real-world setting. This will not only enhance your resume but also give you valuable experience that can set you apart from other candidates.

Investment Returns: Is it Worth Getting Certified in Network+ and Security+

From an investment standpoint, obtaining Network+ and Security+ certifications can be worth it. The average cost of Network+ certification tests is approximately $329, while Security+ certification tests cost around $349. Considering the earning potential, obtaining these certifications can pay for themselves in just a few years. In the long run, the education and skills gained by attaining these certifications can lead to career advancement and job longevity.

Furthermore, having Network+ and Security+ certifications can also increase your credibility and marketability in the IT industry. Many employers require or prefer candidates with these certifications, as they demonstrate a strong understanding of network and security concepts. Additionally, these certifications can open up opportunities for specialized roles, such as network administrator or security analyst.

The Future Outlook for Network+ and Security+ Certified Professionals

The future looks bright for Network+ and Security+ certified professionals. Because of the increasing dependence on technology, there’s a growing need for cybersecurity experts who can help maintain safe networks. Pursuing a cybersecurity or IT career is now highly considered with the increase of remote work, hacking attempt, and ransomware.

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According to recent studies, the demand for cybersecurity professionals is expected to grow by 31% over the next decade. This means that Network+ and Security+ certified professionals will be in high demand, as they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to protect networks from cyber threats. Additionally, with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing, the need for cybersecurity experts will only continue to increase. Therefore, obtaining these certifications can lead to a promising and lucrative career in the field of cybersecurity.

How to Boost Your Earnings Potential as a Network+ and Security+ Professional

You can boost your earnings potential as a Network+ and Security+ certified professional by continually updating your skills. Consider pursuing higher-level certifications that demonstrate your expertise in more specialized areas and expanding your knowledge in specific fields. Building a strong professional network, pursuing leadership positions, and seeking mentorship are also excellent methods of boosting your income.

Another way to increase your earnings potential as a Network+ and Security+ professional is to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies. Attend conferences, workshops, and training sessions to learn about new tools and techniques that can help you improve your skills and knowledge. This will make you more valuable to your employer and increase your chances of getting a higher salary.

Additionally, consider working on projects outside of your regular job responsibilities. This can include freelance work, consulting, or starting your own business. By taking on additional projects, you can gain more experience and build a diverse portfolio that showcases your skills and expertise. This can lead to more job opportunities and higher pay in the long run.

Industries that Require Network + and Security + Qualified Experts

Network+ and Security+ certification can qualify you for positions in several industries, including:

  • Finance
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare

The Role of Soft Skills in Boosting Your Earnings as a Network+ or Security+ Expert

Soft skills are intangible skills that enable professionals to work well with others effectively. Although technical skills are essential, soft skills can make a significant difference in the workplace and affect your earning potential. Soft skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, and conflict resolution, among others, can help you stand out among other professionals with an equivalent technical experience.

How to Keep Up With Industry Trends to Maximize Your Earnings Potential in the Field of Networking and Cybersecurity

Networking and cybersecurity technology are continually evolving. The latest trends indicate an increase in cybersecurity automation, cloud security, and data privacy. As a Network+ and Security+ certified professional, it’s essential to keep up with emerging trends and technologies to remain marketable and advance your skills routinely.

In conclusion, earning a Network+ and Security+ certification can lend credibility to your industry knowledge, skillset, and earning potential. Although the earning potential varies depending on several factors, holding these certifications can open numerous doors and career advancement opportunities. Keep learning, updating your skills, and keeping abreast of new technologies and trends in the industry to remain marketable and secure your future as a cybersecurity professional.

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